Ibis Aero s.r.l.

The                                                       is a demonstration of technology, showing that a list of conditions that many considered to be impossible could be met.          

             The aim was to produce an aircraft with exceptional space, enough to accommodate a bed, to enable freedom with performances comparable to the fastest machines and to be suitability for rough field use whilst respecting the weight restraints imposed by the Ultralight regulations.          

             The challenge was met using an aerodynamic solution evolved directly from the MCR ULC and also important technological advances in the design of the structure enabling the weight to remain within regulated limits.          

             The basic fuselage structure is the same as that of the MCR 4S lightened and transformed to two seats.

             The result is an Ultralight aircraft that combines the performance of the MCR ULC with the capacity of the MCR 4S, in effect a caravan.